Let us produce a professional podcast for you.

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  • From basic audio tips to full production

    From basic audio tips to full production

    We'll produce your intro and outro or your full podcast or anywhere in between.

  • Sound Design

    Sound Design

    We'll sound design a feel and an image unique to your podcast.

  • Editing


    We'll edit your interviews and voice overs, eliminate "uhs" and "ums" to make you and your guest sound smooth as silk.

  • Choose a Voice

    Choose a Voice

    We have access to many different voices with many different styles. Choose the one that's right for you and fits your budget.

  • Pick the Right Music

    Pick the Right Music

    We'll pick the right royalty music for your podcast.

  • A Polished Podcast

    A Polished Podcast

    Your final product will sound better than you imagined. You'll sound like a pro.

Tom MexicoTom Couch has been producing award winning audio since forever.  He’s worked at some of the top radio stations in New York, Chicago and Boston conceiving and producing top notch productions. His goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.


What professionals say about Tom Couch and Couch Audio.

  • "In today’s environment you either cut through the noise or you are part of the noise. Tom Couch is one of a handful of audio producers whose work cuts through the noise. I have worked with many producers, Tom Couch is one of the best."
    Nick Michaels
    - Voice Actor/Writer
  • "If you are going to war, you want Navy Seal and Delta Force level soldiers on your team. If the battle field is audio, you want Couch Audio."
    Charlie Kendall
    - Radio Programmer
  • "Tom has been the producer of our annual Radio Hall of Fame Induction Broadcasts since 2007. His creativity and professionalism has really made the broadcasts special. Working with an audio professional like Tom Couch has been a delight."
    Bruce Dumont
    - Executive Director, National Radio Hall of Fame
  • "Tom brings a craftsman’s ear to his work, and combines technical know-how with an artist’s sensibility. Even though podcasting is a young medium, Tom brings decades of audio experience to the table, and it shows in the meticulous care that he uses when crafting a show."
    David Fisher
    - Podcaster, Author, Networking Specialist
  • "What makes Tom truly special is his ability to work with his clients. He has the ability to draw out of you exactly what you want in a project, even when you are not sure yourself. After working with Tom you will find yourself saying, 'that's it! That's what I was looking for!'"
    Ken Southern
    - Voice Talent, Producer

Choose the Option That's Right For You

We're a flexible bunch

Show Intro

For new podcasters


  • Produced Intro and Outro
  • Custom Show Theme
  • Voice Choices available (additional cost)
  • Includes 2 revisions


The Favorite


  • Five Hours of Production and Consultation
  • Receive an Audio Template for Future Use
  • Editing, Mixing and Mastering
  • Expert Sound Advice

Full Production

Pay by The Hour

  • Full Podcast Production
  • Laser Focused Engineering and Editing
  • We'll be your Sound Partner and Team Mate
  • A High Quality Finished Product

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